13 August 2010

Celcom's Broadband is now only RM48!

For those of us who need internet everywhere we go, the price is now only RM48 a month! Celcom's widest broadband coverage is now the most affordable too!

The latest, most affordable broadband.

This is the ideal plan for those who’d like to keep their costs low while being able to carry out their basic surfing needs. You can comfortably check emails, bank online and browse through your favourite websites, at speeds up to 512 kbps, depending on the package you choose.

For more information please visit HERE or click picture below.


  1. murah ni tapi kat rumah saya x berapa laju..fillow blog awak..follow sy jugak k :)

  2. murah tp volume dia kecik jer

  3. ninja biker : wokeh, I follow u back. =)

    alissa : ramai gak yg komplen, broadband celcom slow. arap2 celcom upgred dia punye line pasni.


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